Coding in RVS

Coding and Robot Kits available!

bb8Did you know that RVS has robotic kits available for teachers to borrow? There are two kits, each containing the following:

3 Dots and Dashes (and accessories)
3 Spheros
3 BB8s
4 Ozobots
6 iPad Minis (loaded with apps)

Kits are available for week long loans and can be requested at this link: If the week(s) you want are not listed, then both kits have already been booked.

Hour of Code

Every year during Computer Science week millions of students participate in an Hour of Code in their schools. Join Rocky View Schools and other schools around the world in the Hour of Code December 5 – 11th, 2016. This event is free and is suitable for K-12. Register your class or your whole school at   Use #rvsedcodes to tweet!

Coding, or computer programming, is what makes it possible for us to tell a computer what to do. Any application or function on your computer or your phone or tablet is a code someone created especially to run on your device. A calendar appointment pops up on your phone? Someone coded that. Your computer launches a program for you to watch a video? That was coded too. Learning to code is a little like learning a new language – in fact, it is considered a literacy. We know now that everyone can code. #EveryoneCanCodeswift-playground

Many begin with visual coding (using graphical images) for younger children and move into block coding (a form of visual coding) and then into textual coding languages such as Scratch, Swift and Java. Don’t be hesitant to try the visual coding – it helps builds the foundation for the others and it’s fun too!

Even our kindergarten and early elementary students can learn to code with the many websites and apps available and you do not need a robot or other device to learn. Apple developed Swift Playground so if you have a newer iPad you can download this free app and the accompanying Anyone Can Code and Swift Playground guides from iBooks. They also just released a new Hour of Code Challenge in the App store and this Facilitator Guide. Lightbot is great for students just beginning to code while older students can use the website with coding games such as Minecraft, Star Wars and Frozen.
Scratch is another website designed to help students learn to code (requires sign-in but teachers can create a class account or students can go directly to Create). There are many more free resources available to support teachers and students, whether they have years of experience or none at all.

coding-kit   Want to borrow a resource kit from the education centre? Click here for more details or contact your RVS Learning Specialists – Technology for more information.



Hosting an Hour of Code website