New in iOs 9

Reader View:

New in iOs 9 are some changes to the reader view in Safari. Reader view simplifies the text on a web page by removing images and most of the ads. You can access it through the icon on the left hand side of the browser window in sites that support it. Now though you are given the option to change the fonts and access background colours. You can find more information about this and other accessibility options on Luis Perez’s site at

Text Selection:

Another new feature in iOs 9 is a new gesture that makes it easier to move the cursor and select text. Luis explains it in this video:

Read and Write for Google Chrome: Staff and students should be aware that authenticating R&W4GC can be a two step processlogging into Chrome and logging into Google. Use your account for both. If your “puzzle” piece doesn’t appear and you’ve logged into Chrome and Google, try relaunching Chrome. If the puzzle piece appears but is greyed then the page cannot be read or you need to click on it and accept the permissions. You may have to hide your dock (Apple, System Preferences, Dock, Turn hiding on) to see the Allow button.

Screen Shot 2015-10-16 at 2.05.27 PMSocial Media for Administrators

George Couros, Division Principal at Lakeland School Division, compiled some of his blog posts that look at the how and why of using Social Media in education.