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Snapverter is part of the trial for RVS schools. It is an add-on to Read&Write for Google that creates accessible documents. Using an iPhone Snap an image of an printed document, Store it in Google Drive and Share it with students.

You can download and install it on an iPhone or iPad.

“Snapverter is the easy-to-use document conversion add-on for anyone using Read&Write for Google.

Snapverter cleverly recognizes text from worksheets, handouts, book pages, photocopies and other paper based classroom materials.

Just grab your smartphone and snap. Documents are converted into accessible PDF files for easy sharing with your students in Google Drive. Then use the powerful tools in Read&wWrite for Google to help struggling readers, ESL/ELL and students with dyslexia or learning difficulties.

And that’s not all. Snapverter also converts Bookshare® digital publications in DAISY format to accessible EPUB files for reading aloud with Read&Write for Google.”  Snapverter Guide

Here are two video tutorials for using Snapverter on your computer and on your phone

Using Snapverter  on your computer

Using Snapverter on your phone