Here, There and Everywhere

Here, There and Everywhere

GregLuterbachwebSuperintendent of Schools – This past week I spent two days in Edmonton at the Alberta School Boards Association’s Fall Issues Forum. We had four of our trustees attending the forum where discussions were focused on big picture issues impacting schools and school boards. Topics included: Alberta’s political environment; communicating your messages in the modern era; legal changes impacting schools; child and youth advocate act review; joint commitment to action on First Nations, Metis and Inuit student success; curriculum development; and a number of other topics. Our Deputy Minister, Dr. Curtis Clarke, joined the assembly to share some highlights from the Ministry and answer questions from trustees. It was a great opportunity for me to learn about the Alberta political environment as it relates to public education.

I spent two other days last week touring 11 of our schools on the east side of the division. These were the beginning of my formal school tours along with the ward’s trustee. The visits are quick, but highlight that our schools are unique and are doing great things for our kids and communities. Whether it was a large high school or a smaller K-9 school, what was clearly evident is that staff care for kids; that people are dedicated to supporting student learning; that our student and staff come from diverse backgrounds; and that each school has programs and offerings to address their local needs. Some tours were led by students, while others were led by school administration. We visited many classrooms and chatted with both staff and students. We were treated extremely well and I want to thank all those involved. Over the upcoming weeks I’ll have the pleasure of visiting every school in RVS along with their ward trustee. Watch my Twitter feed for various highlights from the tours.


Faces of Rocky View Schools

Faces of Rocky View Schools

Director of Communications – September is a magical time of the year in our K-12 education system. You can see it in the faces of our Kindergarten students as they arrive at school for the very first time. You can hear it in the chatter among staff as they catch up on their summer break. And you can feel it in the excitement of parents, because their kids are back in school!

Rocky View Schools Communications Department is hoping you’ll help capture this magic through its Face of Rocky View School campaign. Thorough to November 1, we are inviting emerging, apprentice, and professional photographers to help capture images across our jurisdiction that align to one of the four categories:

Culture, People, School Life – Humans are the most fascinating subject a photographer can choose! This category calls to photographers who can capture the face of learning through portraitures, daily rituals, and traditions in their school.

Architecture, Schoolscapes, Learning Spaces – From the buzz of a busy hallway to the serenity of a wooded classroom, photographers will aim to capture the vitality or raw beauty of RVS’ learning environments.

Action, Sports, Adventure – Energy, adrenaline, activity. Turning movement into an eternal moment. Photographers will aim to capture action and adventure in the blink of an eye.

Creative Composition – Creative digital photographers can take an average photo and transform it into an illustrative work of art. For those that think of photography as a blank canvas.

Up to 50 photos will be selected and featured on RVS’ new public website that will be launched in the spring, along with the photographer’s credits. The photos also will be mounted in RVS’ Education Centre foyer and celebrated at a “Faces of Rocky View Schools Exhibition” in 2017.

We’ve already received a number of fantastic shots from students and staff. I hope you’ll help us capture the magic!

Welcome back everyone!

BTW. Greg I’m still waiting to get paid that $1 for breaking our branding standards…..