Here, There and Everywhere

Here, There and Everywhere

GregLuterbachwebSuperintendent of Schools – This past week I spent two days in Edmonton at the Alberta School Boards Association’s Fall Issues Forum. We had four of our trustees attending the forum where discussions were focused on big picture issues impacting schools and school boards. Topics included: Alberta’s political environment; communicating your messages in the modern era; legal changes impacting schools; child and youth advocate act review; joint commitment to action on First Nations, Metis and Inuit student success; curriculum development; and a number of other topics. Our Deputy Minister, Dr. Curtis Clarke, joined the assembly to share some highlights from the Ministry and answer questions from trustees. It was a great opportunity for me to learn about the Alberta political environment as it relates to public education.

I spent two other days last week touring 11 of our schools on the east side of the division. These were the beginning of my formal school tours along with the ward’s trustee. The visits are quick, but highlight that our schools are unique and are doing great things for our kids and communities. Whether it was a large high school or a smaller K-9 school, what was clearly evident is that staff care for kids; that people are dedicated to supporting student learning; that our student and staff come from diverse backgrounds; and that each school has programs and offerings to address their local needs. Some tours were led by students, while others were led by school administration. We visited many classrooms and chatted with both staff and students. We were treated extremely well and I want to thank all those involved. Over the upcoming weeks I’ll have the pleasure of visiting every school in RVS along with their ward trustee. Watch my Twitter feed for various highlights from the tours.


Ready to Roll Up Our Sleeves for Literacy!

Ready to Roll Up Our Sleeves for Literacy!

Literacy Specialists – “Literacy skills are required by everyone in every situation – life wide and throughout our lives – life long. “ (Government of Alberta, Living Literacy, p.6)

RVS’ Literacy Specialist Team #rvslit

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With seventy-one years of combined RVS experience, the literacy team is excited to share our passion, knowledge, and support to colleagues across the division as we work to build literacy & numeracy capacity among RVS educators.

literacyOur role is to educate, facilitate, and assist school administrators and educators with the implementation of RVS’ Literacy and Numeracy Framework. Through professional learning opportunities, resource awareness, and working alongside educators in the classroom and schools, we look forward to exploring new literacy tools, strategies, and  assessments in authentic and meaningful ways, while being cognizant of current educational research and the ongoing balanced literacy programming in our schools. These combined efforts will provide opportunities for us to build upon existing best literacy practices and, ultimately, lead to building all students’ competencies, helping to achieve their potential.

We hit the ground running on August 30 with a PL session co-facilitated by Dr. Karen Loerke, a literacy consultant who has been instrumental in the development of the RVS K-12 Literacy Framework . Together we got the chance to meet and work with over 90 teachers, literacy leads, and administrators from gr. 3-4 to provide PL on the Rocky View Independent Reading Comprehension Benchmark Assessment. Over the course of the day, participants were engaged in rich discussions about the assessment tool’s ability to inform instruction as well as provide authentic, ongoing reflections of student growth. Further to this session, we are looking forward to meeting more educators (Grade 1 and 2) on September 19th where we will provide PL on Running Records Assessment. Both these assessment tools are being field tested this year. If you are interested in learning more about these tools,  please contact your literacy coach or a member of the RVS literacy team.

Finally, we hope you will follow us on Twitter at #RVSlit, where we will share all things literacy, as well as showcase the great work that RVS educators are currently doing.

We are looking forward to collaborating with you.

Deb, Susan, Jody and Julie

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