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From the Biggest to the Smallest Students

Posted by admin December - 19 - 2012 5 Comments

Guest Author: Derek Keenan, Teacher, Nose Creek Elementary School, Reflections on changing positions from Senior High to Elementary – My first wander through Nose Creek Elementary school gave me a new perspective on education.  Not that I was entirely unaware of the elementary school world.  I have young children, have volunteered, and gone to many student showcase nights.  However, it was shocking to a High School teacher to know that  [ Read More ]

Using Technology for Good, Not for Evil

Posted by admin December - 18 - 2012 4 Comments

Guest Author: Sara Drennan, Teacher, George McDougall High School – “Inappropriate use of technology will not be tolerated in this classroom”. A former colleague of mine would begin all of her classes with this phrase. She would gather all cell phones into shoebox at the beginning of class and students couldn’t touch them until the end of the class. To her, there was no way a cell phone could be used  [ Read More ]

Leading the Transformation

Posted by admin December - 17 - 2012 3 Comments

Guest Author: Josh Hill, Learning Specialist – In his post “Deconstructing the Transformation” RVS’ Superintendent of Schools Greg Bass heralded: “A revolution is occurring – our only choice is whether we lead it or become irrelevant”, resoundingly Rocky View students, staff and communities have embraced this challenge and are at the forefront of change. A key driver of the RVS’ innovative culture is the instructional leadership of our Principals and  [ Read More ]

Bert Church High School IS Undeniable!

Posted by admin December - 14 - 2012 2 Comments

Guest Authors: Ryan and Keaton, Students – It is amazing how a school can join together when something big comes along. Over the past eight weeks, students at Bert Church High School (BCHS) have been united by pride, spirit and the drive to be proven undeniable! Our school is currently one of three finalists in a nation-wide competition called Finding Undeniable. We are in the running for $100,000 worth of Under  [ Read More ]

Our Wiki – Information, Inspiration

Posted by admin December - 13 - 2012 8 Comments

Guest Authors: Ava & Mackenzie, Gr. 4 students – In our classroom, we use a website called a wiki. Everyone in our class can access this website easily. Our teacher will put stories, chapters and information for us to use on it. We use the information to help us with our learning. For example, we can access different versions of chapters from books we read in class. We use this  [ Read More ]

Equity in Education Equals Success for All

Posted by admin December - 12 - 2012 0 Comment

Guest Author: Ragan Johnson, Assistant Principal, Chestermere Lake Middle School – Over the past few months, I have spent countless hours reflecting on how leaders working within a culturally diverse school can ensure equity and education for all. Initially, this thought process focused on how to create an environment where students and staff felt safe and valued, where all stakeholders were engaged in meaningful ways, and where everyone’s voice was  [ Read More ]

So Here’s to You Mr. Robinson

Posted by admin December - 11 - 2012 3 Comments

Guest Author: Andrea Craigie, Assistant Principal, R.J. Hawkey Elementary – My husband doesn’t know this yet but there is another man in my life. I have been a bit of a groupie, following him on his Alberta speaking circuit, stalking him on You Tube and Twitter, pouring over what he publishes and expounding his philosophical virtues to those in both my personal and professional circles. Our next rendezvous will be at  [ Read More ]

A Day in the Life of Rocky Raccoon

Posted by admin December - 10 - 2012 2 Comments

Guest Author: Rocky Raccoon, Official RVS Mascot – Wow! A day in my life is not like any other raccoon. Let me tell you about it! I live at the Education Centre outside among the surrounding trees, where I can overlook the entire facility. Being this close, I‘m able to be available at a moments notice and you all know I could be coming to a school near you. My morning usually consists  [ Read More ]

Coping With Change

Posted by admin December - 7 - 2012 2 Comments

RVS Guest Blog: Helen Clease, Trustee Ward 4 – Today’s transformation in education can be compared to a major house renovation. The frame is still in place, but everything else around is changing and seems to be in disarray. As with any home renovation you need to design, plan, construct, and review progress. Renos can bring great excitement about the future, but they also create challenges in getting the day-to-day work  [ Read More ]

How 1:1 Has Impacted Teaching and Learning

Posted by admin December - 6 - 2012 1 Comment

Guest Author: Kevin Wttewaall, Director of Technology for Learning – In his final blog in a three-part series, Kevin shares the impact that Rocky View Schools’ (RVS) 1:1 initiative has had on its educators. In the 2008/09 school year, all RVS teachers were provided with laptops, which was critical to enabling them to become skilled with 21st Century learning technologies. Schools and the jurisdiction also provided job-embedded professional learning opportunities along  [ Read More ]