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The 2015-2018 Capital Plan

Posted by admin March - 25 - 2014 1 Comment

Guest Blog: John Wheatley, Director of Facility Planning – Spring is sprung, the grass is ris. I wonder where the birdies is!  Okay… so far no spring, but there is a rite of passage that marks this season for school authorities. There are only three opportunities to actually address shortcomings in our learning environments. The annual Infrastructure Maintenance and Renewal (IMR) funding is intended to provide safe and healthy learning environments. School  [ Read More ]

RVS Guest Blog: Family School Liaison John Laing –  On Nov. 12, 2012, I posted a blog with a similar title. That blog was intended to open up a discussion about one of the most important underlying factors to the successful implementation of inclusion. Toward that end, I discussed the importance of self-reflection regarding our own beliefs about disability, as well as our role in taking responsibility for meeting the  [ Read More ]

RVS Guest Author: Cameron May, Substitute Teacher  – “My son is certainly capable…” she paused for a moment, considering what she was about to say next, “he’s just lazy!” When my friend said that to me, I was immediately transported back to my childhood. For I too, struggled in school, and I remember how my mom would say the same thing about me, that I was lazy. It took me  [ Read More ]

ULE’s and ABC’s

Posted by admin March - 22 - 2013 3 Comments

RVS Guest Author: Craig Schwesinger, Principal, Rocky View Community Learning Centre – Recently, one of the great teachers at the Rocky View Community Learning Centre shared a professional reflection with me, by stating that what she does as a teacher is “sell hope”. She had recently reviewed Daniel H. Pink’s “To Sell is Human – The Surprising Truth About Moving Others”, and provided me with a link to information about  [ Read More ]

Teaching and Learning with Show Me

Posted by admin March - 12 - 2013 0 Comment

RVS Guest Author: Tracey Sweetapple, Guidance Counsellor, Bert Church High School – Some while ago, during the Professional Learning (PL) portion of our Bert Church High School staff meeting, Bobby Mathew, Learning Lead for the science department, gave a short presentation on the app Show Me. I had heard of Show Me and had previously downloaded and looked at some presentations, but hadn’t understood how versatile it could be and  [ Read More ]

RVS Guest Author – Melanie Yanofsky, Literacy Learning Specialist – Many teachers use ‘Literature Circles’, or a form of them in their classes. I attended a literacy conference in February and went to a session by Elizabeth Coelha on English Language Learning. She suggested various strategies on how to turn the Literature Circle into Multicultural Literature Circles. She suggested that teachers choose books on critical themes that are also based  [ Read More ]

RVS Celebration of Learning – Inquiry

Posted by admin February - 26 - 2013 3 Comments

RVS Guest Author: Richard Gaudio, Learning Specialist In Rocky View, we are continuing to foster a culture of sharing best practices in teaching and learning through our Celebration of Learning events. This February, RVS hosted its second Celebration of Learning on the theme of Inquiry, featuring engaging and inspiring talks from RVS Learning Specialist Josh Hill, Muriel Clayton’s Mark Turner, Banded Peak’s Craig Churchill and Carmen Harford, and Bow Valley High’s  [ Read More ]

My First Semester

Posted by admin February - 12 - 2013 1 Comment

RVS Guest Author: Greg Roberts, Director of Learning, Learning Supports – Last weekend I had some downtime and decided to watch From the Sky Down, a movie that profiled the band U2 as it revisited music it had written 20 years ago. At one point in the movie, lead singer Bono narrated how the “new” album needed to take the band in a fresh direction. He reflected, “You have to  [ Read More ]

Planning for All Learners

Posted by admin January - 25 - 2013 1 Comment

RVS Guest Author: Mary-Ann Mitchell-Pellett, Assistant Principal, Meadowbrook Middle School – Planning for all learners is no easy task, and can often seem overwhelming. Many educators have the assumption that planning for all learners means that an individual learning plan needs to be created for each student. If this were the case, this would indeed be an overwhelming task. And although as educators we so utilize individual learner profiles to  [ Read More ]

Our Wiki – Information, Inspiration

Posted by admin December - 13 - 2012 8 Comments

Guest Authors: Ava & Mackenzie, Gr. 4 students – In our classroom, we use a website called a wiki. Everyone in our class can access this website easily. Our teacher will put stories, chapters and information for us to use on it. We use the information to help us with our learning. For example, we can access different versions of chapters from books we read in class. We use this  [ Read More ]