Superintendent of Schools – Throughout our schools, there is an emphasis on providing meaningful student leadership opportunities for our students. I see that manifested in many different ways – from students of all ages MC’ing events, Grade 4 students touring trustees around back in the spring, the recent RVS middle school leadership conference, to this week’s Alberta Student Leadership Conference (ASLC2018). Providing students a meaningful voice in their school and opportunities to lead is something we should be proud of.

Last Sunday marked the kicked off ASLC2018 hosted by Bert Church High School, along with the assistance of students and admin from George McDougall High School, W.H. Croxford High School, W.G. Murdoch School and Beiseker Community School. Over 900 students from across Alberta are in attendance for the three days of workshops, activities and learning. The theme of the conference is Agents of Change and based on what I saw, we are in good hands moving forward.

The student delegates and their critically important faculty advisors arrived to a warm greeting from the many volunteers (both staff and community members). Students were broken up into superhero-based spirit groups led by our own high school leadership students. I had the chance to eat supper and play a few games with the Stan Lee spirit group led by two Bert Church Spirit Leaders, along with about 15 students from different high schools across Alberta.

Given the theme of Agents of Change, I took the opportunity to weave the theme into my greetings that I shared with the group:

On behalf of staff of Rocky View Schools, it is my pleasure to welcome you as Agents of Change. I’m not sure if the all-black outfit and dark sunglasses were in your welcome kit, but being an agent of change is an important opportunity. You have chosen a significant mission to be part of the team that makes positive change.

Your mission, should you wish to accept it, includes being an active leader in your school and through your efforts, you can help make change. Not change for the sake of change, but change to help make a positive difference. What that change needs to look like – that is specific to your situation. Whether that change is local or global – again, your call. I can tell you that without you advocating for, leading and demonstrating the change, it is not likely to make a difference.

I hope that when you leave this intensive agent training academy, you walk away with some new strategies to utilize in the field.

Good luck and be safe out there. Over and out.

The highlight of the opening ceremonies was an hour-long conversation by Canadian YouTuber, activist, spokesperson, and motivational speaker Molly Burke. Molly shared her story of losing her vision as a youngster and the path she has taken to overcome adversity and embrace diversity. Her blend of pop culture and deeply personal message of hope was very well received by all in attendance.

Thank you to all of our RVS family who provide student leadership opportunities. To the organizers, staff and volunteers involved in hosting ALSC2018 – a big thank you!


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