Technology Learning Specialist – Rocky View Schools’ fourth Girls in STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art and math) Day on March 5 was a resounding success! Over 55 girls met with 14 professionals representing many different STEAM fields – university students, aerospace engineers, chiropractors, physiotherapists, accountants, archaeologists, optometrists, a professor in GIS and Geomatics, a director of digital technologies, entrepreneurs in fashion and technology, and a pilot. What was really important during the day was the opportunity for these students to learn from women working in STEAM fields, to hear their stories about the many pathways their lives have taken and the opportunities they found. They learned that not everything takes a direct path; it often it takes time to see where life will lead. You just need the courage to take a leap!

Sarah Braul, a Beiseker student who attend the event said, “This event was created to promote females in the science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics fields. In attendance were middle and high school girls from all over Rocky View, as well as professionals in the STEAM sectors. In the morning we listened to guest speakers on topics such as technology, aerospace engineering, as well as wearable fashion and then participated in a speed dating activity. During the speed dating we were given a chance to speak one on one with professionals about their job, schooling etc. To end the day, there were STEAM-related activities,  which gave us the chance to explore the topics discussed throughout the day. My favourite part was the speed dating because we were able to ask any questions we had and get personal advice from the guests. This helped me to consider several different career options that I would be interested in within the STEAM fields.”

“As a teacher attending the event, I found it be to be very engaging and provided students with a great opportunity to connect more personally with professionals,” said Tatum Nixon from Beiseker Community School. “Students expressed that they found value in being able to ask questions within the small group speed dating. The variety of professionals in the room also piqued the interest of students towards career opportunities that they had not considered before. One example of this was combining engineering and design into what is now known worldwide as Make Fashion. Opportunities such as this are appreciated and valued by both teachers and students alike!”

Talia, an up and coming videographer in Grade 5, who also attended the previous three Girls in STEAM sessions, was our videographer for the day. Here is her video below. Thanks Talia!


Also, check out some tweets about the event:

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