Superintendent of Schools – Over the last two weeks I have had the opportunity to be part of a couple of days where we have begun the process of building the next Four-Year Plan (4YP). Since 2008, Rocky View Schools has supported the transformation of its schools into innovative learning environments by maintaining a commitment to the implementation of its strategic plans, “2008-2011 Engaging 21st C Learners“, “2011-2014 Building the Power to Enrich”, and “2015-2019 Empower the Potential” – each for a full three or four-year window. The 2018-2019 school year marks the fourth year of RVS’ current plan and identifies the need to engage its stakeholders in the development of a four-year plan for the term 2019-2023.

RVS’ four-year planning process is premised on the desire to inspire, gain insight, and build capacity, with all stakeholder groups through the introduction of a learning narrative. This learning narrative will define how RVS teaches, learns, and assesses student learning, as well as solidifies an evaluative framework in which to monitor and assess the jurisdiction’s progress. The process will engage multiple stakeholder groups and employ a learning design approach, involving a myriad of activities, such as “learning walks”, “exhibitions of learning”, “inquiry”, and “mentorship and coaching”. Stakeholders will work in both small learning pods, as well as in large group consultation settings. Last week I participated in a full day of engaging conversations with colleagues using a variety of design protocols to begin the development of the learning narrative. We are using our own Learning Design Team members to facilitate most of the sessions over the next year.

Like the Board’s previous engagement strategy, the process will engage stakeholders only where they most appropriately can provide feedback. For example, all stakeholders will be involved in defining RVS’ learning narrative, inclusive of a new vision, mission, goals and outcomes, while various branches in the Education Centre will be charged with building learning and communication tools, such as the realignment of RVS’ 21st C Competencies to Alberta Education’s competency structures. You will have seen in the recent release of the professional learning day formats for 2018-2019, we are dedicating time in October for all staff to participate in the process. Once complete, representatives from the learning pods would identify performance measures, while Superintendent Working Committees would be charged to identify strategies for the plan. Following a second round of stakeholder consultation, the plan would be tabled with the Board for approval in March 2019.

I am personally looking forward to learning, sharing and growing throughout this process.


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