Superintendent of Schools – Probably not a huge stretch given my role, but I think every week should be Education Week. This year from April 30 to May 4, Albertans are celebrating education across the province. Education Week in one form or other dates back to the late 1920s in Alberta, while other provinces celebrate education at different times in the school year. It is meant to be an opportunity to celebrate the great work of schools.

The theme of Education Week in Alberta is Learning is a Journey. The theme is meant to “highlight the importance that education plays in shaping the future of our province”. In RVS, we take pride in the education we provide to our students and communities. The quality is a direct result of the amazing team we have supporting the journey. That team involves teachers, caretakers, human resources professionals, bus drivers, principals, secretaries, finance staff, maintenance workers, education assistants, directors, IT techs, trustees, family school liaisons, purchasers, communications staff, learning specialists, success coaches, OT/PT/SLPs, and superintendents. Together we put students first and focus our efforts to ensure learners are successful, learners are engaged, and learners are supported.

Each learning journey looks a little bit different. For some the journey is from point A to B, while others need a different route. One way is not better than another. We increasingly are trying to personalize and customize the journey based on the learners’ interests and needs. We want students to have a voice and choice in the journey. We want to leverage the expertise of the tour guides to ensure students are getting to see the key markers along the route. We build on the strengths and experiences of our staff to make the journey engaging. We also try and make sure that there is plenty of fun along the path too.

One only needs to watch the #rvsed hashtag for a week to get a sense of the many ways we support the learning journey in a week. We serve our students and communities through challenging work and we are proud to be part of the public education system.

Thank you to all of the RVS team members for all that you do. As we celebrate Education Week, this week we are celebrating your efforts.


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