Superintendent of Schools – Wednesday, April 25 is Administrative Professionals’ Day for 2018. It is a day where we celebrate the amazing work of our admin team members and what they do for students, parents and colleagues. This incredibly hard-working group are on the front line of our schools and departments. They are most often the person who will greet a parent or student when they walk into the office or call into the school. Most are amazing at remembering names and faces. With a smile, they work to address the needs of the person in front of them and then seamlessly, they move on to the phone which is ringing, the courier who is waiting for a signature, and the youngster who desperately needs an ice pack or band-aid. Somewhere along the way, they have mastered the incredible healing powers of the ice pack.

When I rejoined RVS in August 2016, it was comforting as I walked into many school offices and found colleagues that I knew from my stint here in the early 2000s. Still as friendly as ever, they are like the circus master managing way more than three different activities going on all around them. Their role requires them to masterfully manage complex tasks and they typically are exceptional multitaskers. They are constantly required to learn new processes and software applications.

The work often goes without much fanfare, but it is appreciated. The countless ways they support the school/staff makes a real positive difference for the entire school community. On behalf of the entire RVS team, thank you for what you do for the kids, families, school, department and community. We are so lucky to have you as part of our team.


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