Ellie, RVS Grade 4 student – At Ralph McCall we are very lucky to have some classrooms with class pets. There is fish, a snake and a hedgehog, but everyone’s favourite is our school Therapy Dog, Hudson. (Or, as my brother calls him, “Nnn”.) I personally like Hudson because he helps people focus. Other students adore Hudson because of how he makes them feel. Here are a some of their opinions:

  • Isabelle feels comfortable and safe;
  • Keira feels happy;
  • Zuhal feels overjoyed;
  • Natalia feels protected;
  • Hunter feels great and safe;
  • Cooper feels good; and
  • Gage (my brother) feels happy and relaxed.

Hudson digging for a pizza.

Hudson is a great dog at school, but sometimes he does silly things. Once, Hudson went digging for a piece of pizza that someone had thrown away. When Hudson is in the room, do not turn your back on your lunch! And, don’t forget to watch your mittens!  Hudson is a great, furry friend to have at Ralph McCall.

Also, some schools or families could get a Service Dog from “Dogs with Wings“. These dogs come from a breeding program and receive special training. After their training, they are given to a family who applied for a Service Dog, Therapy Dog or Autism Dog. (They also have an office cat!) My family has applied for one of these dogs. We got to visit one named Cypress.

If you would like to know more about how Hudson became a Therapy Dog, visit the Chestermere Therapy Dogs Society website.

I hope my family gets a “Dogs with Wings” dog, but I am glad we get to have Hudson at my school, and even sometimes at my house too.

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