Learning Design Specialist – Rocky View Schools has an ongoing relationship with Jumpstart Canada, an organization supported by local Canadian Tire Stores across the country, to encourage active living and community sport programs. This February, Jumpstart Canada provided the opportunity for over 300 students to attend the “Cochrane Games” at the Spray Lakes Family Recreation Centre. The day started with an opening ceremony, including dancers and a blessing from T’suu T’ina elders, followed by four hours of activities, during which students from six different schools took part in such events as skating, kickboxing, dance, soccer, zumba, dance and obstacle course. The day was a huge success with smiles all around, even in -35ºC weather. This success led to the inevitability of a second games to be held this May. This day promises to be bigger and better than the last. With the weather heating up it will be possible to go outside as well, supporting even more students in their fitness endeavors!

Jumpstart Canada is a very encouraging partner in the RVS community, lending support to over 20 schools focusing on physical literacy initiatives throughout the division. Data shows school-aged children and youth, 13 per cent of boys and six per cent of girls, accumulate at least 60 minutes of moderate-to-vigorous physical activity daily. (Stats Canada, 2017). Being at school over 50 per cent of the day, students need to get up and moving, and not just in gym class. With their backing, alongside dedicated teachers, admin, parents, and community partners, nearly 10,000 students have been more active within the school environment. Campaigns include: family activity nights, recreation centre passes in the library, in-school circuit rooms and leadership sport camps (to name a few).

We look forward to furthering the relationship with Jumpstart, and creating even more active and healthy schools in Rocky View. Stay tuned for more information on the May Cochrane Games, and check out the video from the February event.

For more information on pursuing wellness in Rocky View schools, visit the Making Learning Visible website.

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