Superintendent of Schools – Multiple times this past weekend when I sat at the keyboard to compose this week’s blog, I tried to write about different topics, but I just could not. My brain, heart and fingers needed to write about the Humboldt Broncos. The tragedy struck close to home for many of us with direct and indirect connections to the incident.

I had many tears this weekend as the news broke and the enormity sunk it. Like many of you, my house is a hockey household. Riding buses with sports teams is part of our life. These bus trips are not unique to hockey, as I spent many hours riding a bus to track events when I was younger. Travel is a big part of teams, clubs, and activities, and that travel can be some of the most memorable parts of the event. That said, every parent is relieved when the bus pulls around the corner and is back at the pick-up point, no matter what time it is in the middle of the night.

Given we have almost 27,500 students and staff, unfortunately we face loss all too often in our extended RVS family. We have many people in our communities directly impacted by this accident. To those people, please understand that you are in our thoughts! We also know that our students and staff are travelling to and from school for field trips, sporting events, and non-curricular travel outside of our communities, province and country. Just like parents, we are relieved when the bus or flight lands with everyone safe and sound. One only needs to remember the Boys in Red from Bathurst, New Brunswick where seven high school basketball players and the coach’s wife died in an accident returning home from games.

We also know that schools, not only in Humboldt, but also in the hometowns of all who were injured or died, will be hurting. The impact will be felt not just this week, but for a significant amount of time and will never be forgotten. To those school communities, we are with you in your sorrow and want to support you.

Others who have experienced loss or trauma in their life will be impacted by this tragedy. We know that events such as these bring up difficult memories and experiences. Please reach out and talk to someone. Albert Health Services has posted the following information for people looking for support – AHS Grieving Together site.

I encourage you to join me on Thursday, April 12 in wearing a sports team jersey of any kind to show your support and be part of the team supporting the victims.

Lastly, I want to share my deepest sympathy and condolences to the players, families, friends, and organization. You are in my thoughts and prayers. Thank you to the many first responders for all that you did and your efforts. You are in my thoughts too.


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