Sydney and Lily, RVS Grade 4 students – Have you ever walked by a school and wondered why they have official school openings? Well, in January, Fireside school had its official opening and we stopped and wondered why we needed an opening when our school was already open two months earlier. We learned that the purpose of having a school opening ceremony was to mark time and show that a new school was opening.

Many people may wonder why it is so important to have guest speakers. It is important because they provide a different perspective. Here are a few of the guest speakers who came to attend Fireside’s official school opening ceremony. The Minister of Education, Honourable David Eggen, came because, well, it’s a little obvious, he’s the Minister of Education and it’s a school opening. The guest speakers were treated very respectfully by the audience. Also, Mr. Jeff Genung was at the school opening. Jeff Genung is our Mayor. He came because he himself had been through Elizabeth Barrett’s school opening many years ago. Also, because a new school in his town opened and he needs to see the school.

Here are some things our principal, assistant principal, and we, Lily and Sydney think so far. The principal, Mr. Thomas Elbel, says “I think that we are a very fortunate school.” He says that he loves coming to work each day. He loves the students and staff. Mrs. Root, the assistant principal, says she thinks that all the students have good leadership. As well as Mr. Elbel, she loves the staff and students. We have about the same opinion of Fireside School. We think the school is great. We love the lockers, the other kids, we think the teachers are brilliant and we love the environment that Fireside school brings. We all can agree that Fireside school is a great place to be.

Check out Fireside School’s “We Are Fireside” video to see students and staff share what it feels like to build a new school community and school culture:


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