Chloe, RVS Grade 11 student – A couple of weeks ago (Feb. 12), the annual Middle School Leadership Conference (MSLC) was hosted at the Rocky View Education Centre in Airdrie, Alberta. I was proud to be a second-year member of the Rocky View Leadership Academy, and played a big role in the planning, preparing and running of this event.

This year MSLC took on the Winter Olympic theme of Igniting Your Leadership Torch! Throughout the duration of the jam packed day, we created fun games to teach the kids quality skills required for advancing their roles as leaders in their communities. These skills included things like teamwork, trust, communication, problem solving, collaboration and creativity! Later in the day we rotated through some small lessons for these kids to apply to their daily lives as active and involved individuals. Our goal was to help spark the flame of passion within each kid that came, to motivate them to put their unique personalities and talents to use.

There were very few moments when someone didn’t have a smile glued to their face, and that was what sparked my flame particularly. We wanted to recognize that these kids have wonderful ideas that come to them in seconds and that they should act upon those ideas, create to inspire others, and make others feel recognized as well. We sincerely hope that every person walked out of that building enlightened with a new set of skills and knowledge, as well as a new and excited outlook on leading others because no one ever leads completely alone. We passed the torch to the kids, and now they’re running with it all over Rocky View.

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