Principal, A.E. Bowers Elementary School – As a person who tries to live Stephen Covey’s 7 Habits, I ‘sharpen the saw’ by working out at a local gym three times a week.

I have to share that this is really a new thing in my life. I am married to a man who has competed in ‘Strong Man’ and who has done the heavy lifting in our home for many years. I haven’t had to carry my own luggage or shift of piece of furniture for the duration of our marriage – and that’s getting to be quite a few years.

So, this is where my journey in strength training begins…

I walked into the Koko Fit Club last January where I participated in a strength test and began to work with the trainers. I have accepted who I am – and, if ego had come into it, would have been reluctant to continue. I had the astounding ability to ‘plank’ for approximately three seconds before falling on my face… with no grace at all.

Slowly but surely, though, I began to see evidence of growing strength in daily activities. I began to look for opportunities to test myself, including handling my own luggage right through the airport and into the trunk of the car – all 49.99 carefully packed pounds of it!

Today, on this snowy and oh, so cold winter day one year and a bit after beginning my journey of self-improvement, I helped a fellow motorist by pushing her vehicle up a hill as she gained traction.

I know I have catapulted myself from ‘wet noodle’ status to physically capable of activities of daily living. I am not even close to ‘pulling a truck’ or ‘lifting the stones’, but it makes me thoughtful about how we work with our kids each day…

… Are we recognizing the readiness that each child brings to the learning each day?
… Are we building slowly and methodically from where they are at on a continuum?
… Are we celebrating beginnings? Are we celebrating growth?

Whether the student is metaphorically competing in Strongman or lugging a suitcase around the airport… success is a personal thing.

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