Verena Roberts, Technology for Learning Specialist; Mark Turner, W.H. Croxford Teacher; and Airdrie Building Futures students – Last month, Grade 10 students in the Building Futures program in Airdrie joined in a collaborative online conversation about global citizenship with The Centre for Global Education (based out of Edmonton). The session started with some big questions about our responsibilities as human beings. As humans, we all have some things in common and one of those things are feelings. How does it feel to put yourself in someone else’s shoes?

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Airdrie students connected with students from Alaska, Kamloops, Hoboken, N.J. and Kenya through videoconferencing, texting and social media.

Building Futures students Luca Galler and Anna Brown described the opportunity as, “A unique opportunity to experience in our very own classroom with students across the globe. It was interesting to see varied perspectives and new ideas from kids we wouldn’t get to meet otherwise. Something we will remember and definitely want to participate in again.”

As we consider the skills that RVS students will need to support them for the future, one of the key RVS 21st century competencies is global awareness, which means contributing to the sustainability of the environment and the community.

When students are given the opportunity to share their opinions and listen to the perspectives of others, they have a greater opportunity to develop competency in global awareness.

The Building Futures students will continue to collaborate with other Centre for Global Education projects as they continue to work on their ePortfolio project, which develops digital identity and social reputation through community and global networks.

If any RVS teachers are interested in learning with the Centre for Global Education, view the list of their free K-12 global events. There are opportunities for every grade level and every aspect of the curriculum, including First Nations, Métis and Inuit. Please contact Verena Roberts for more details.

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