Associate Superintendent of Human Resources – Like a well choreographed dance, the Human Resources and Occupational Health and Safety (HR/OHS) team works in the background to assist, support, listen, advise and care about the employees of Rocky View Schools (RVS). As a department that works primarily behind the scenes, many people may not be aware of the breadth of work in HR/OHS.

HR’s secretarial support sees hundreds of calls being answered in a week, helps to solve problems for employees, and generally provides amazing support to the department and employees. The HR recruiting team represents RVS at recruiting fairs across the country, sharing their enthusiasm about opportunities within Rocky View. They support schools in full-cycle recruiting, including interviewing, referencing, and staffing situations. The Manager and Advisors are fluent in their understanding of the Terms of Employment, Collective Agreement, Employment Standards and AP procedures. They expertly work with employees in all matters, including leaves, contracts and general advice as it pertains to working in RVS. The substitute system facilitator loves early mornings as the system wakes up at 6 a.m. and support/teacher substitutes are placed. The Beginning Teacher Coach works in schools to support new teachers in their roles. The Organizational Analyst oversees job descriptions and appraisals, assists schools with office work flow, and orchestrates a yearly review of the Terms of Employment.

The Occupational Health and Safety team works to manage disability and Workers Compensation, provides support to employees on leave, facilitates and monitors site safety inspections, and reviews incident reports all toward the goal of providing a safe and caring environment for our students and employees.

The ever-patient Executive Assistant supports the work of the department and specifically the work of the Director and Associate of HR. The Director and I liaise with many groups, including administration, employees and post-secondary organizations, to facilitate teacher certification, accountability processes and oversee all functions of the Department.

The magic is evidenced in the easy flow of communication within the members of the department and support that is clearly apparent from team member to team member. The team intuitively works together every day to ensure meaningful service to employees in all aspects of HR/OHS, so that employees in turn can provide the best possible learning environment for students.

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