Superintendent of Schools – The following holiday message of appreciation was shared with the staff of RVS this past weekend:

As the calendar year comes to a close and we reach the Christmas break, I want to take a minute to share my appreciation. I am consistently impressed by the efforts of our RVS team. I see, read about, and hear about many of the amazing things you do and the differences you make in the school and community. I know that for every one story I hear, there are countless other positive stories that I never hear about. You make these differences through your actions, your words, your dedication. Many of these differences are made in volunteer efforts that you give of your own time to help our students and our communities.

We all have different roles yet together we make a greater difference. It is the collective efforts of many that yield the largest impacts. I also need to recognize that sometimes it is the quiet one-on-one conversation you have with a student, a parent or a colleague that makes a profound difference in their life. One is not more important than another but collectively our RVS family makes a difference in our communities. For this, I am truly grateful to be part of the team.

Given the size of our team, over 2,400 team members, I am unable to acknowledge each of your efforts individually. I try and highlight the good work through various channels, but certainly there is way more going on than I will ever be able to share. Please understand that I appreciate all that you do.

Having recently completed the first term report cards, fall sports seasons, and Christmas concert season, the break comes at an important time. It is time to unplug for a bit, spend important time with our families, find some time to do what you like to do and recharge the batteries.

Be safe, have fun, take care and enjoy the holiday season!


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