Students grocery shopping at No Frills.

RVS Learning Support Teacher, Rainbow Creek Elementary – What do you know about Enhanced Support? When I was given the chance to share about the Enhanced Support program at Rainbow Creek I jumped on the opportunity. I love being able to celebrate the successes of our exceptional students!

For those of you who don’t know, the Enhanced Support program at Rainbow Creek Elementary provides direct support to students with complex communication needs. As the lead teacher, I am supported by three educational assistants, as well as divisional staff who collaborate on student programming. Programming is based on each students’ individual needs with a focus on improving communication, social interaction, behaviour and independence in addition to their academic skills. I have the opportunity to work with homeroom teachers to modify curriculum, promote peer interaction and ensure student success in their inclusive classrooms. In addition, students have the opportunity to develop specific skills in the Enhanced Support room. Our students participate in weekly outings such as grocery shopping for our school breakfast program. Students also develop independent life skills through activities such as cooking.

A student learning to use their power wheelchair.

Currently our students are working on goals, such as learning to drive a power wheelchair, communicating using Touch Chat, practicing street safety, and developing a greater understanding of expected school behaviour. It is amazing to see our students develop skills which will help make them more independent in their lives.

As the Enhanced Support program continues to develop, I have come to realize it is about more than just students with complex communication needs. It is about creating a culture of acceptance where all students can feel that they belong. It is about teaching all students to embrace diversity and difference. It is about creating an environment that promotes equal opportunities for all learners.

If you are ever in our building, come by and say hi. We would love to share more about what we are learning!

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