Associate Superintendent of Learning – Rocky View Schools (RVS) has long been considered a high performing school jurisdiction. We develop and maintain research-based practices, models and ideas resulting in positive educational outcomes. Our Four-Year Plan has clear vision, mission and belief statements with corresponding goals and strategies that focus on teaching and learning.

This year we continue to focus on attaining second order change to foster new ways of teaching and learning. How do we do this? By Making it Visible, Making it Real and Making it for Everyone. We provide our teachers and administrators with numerous professional learning opportunities to ensure this direction continues to move forward.

What learning looks like in RVS

Make it Visible – “We believe that when students learn how to learn – that is to acquire, create, connect, and communicate knowledge in a variety of contexts – we are helping them build the confidence and habits of mind to become life-long learners and successful citizens.” Making learning visible addresses how observation and documentation can shape, extend and make visible the student’s individual and group learning. Our students will become self-directed learners who are intrinsically motivated.

Make it Real – By offering authentic learning experiences for our students, we provide the opportunity for deeper, more meaningful learning to take place. We partner real-time, real-world businesses with our students, which can significantly minimize the barriers that typically separate the classroom from the real world. The Building Futures program is just one example of authentic, project-based learning happening at RVS.

Make it for Everyone – We recognize that learning communities can be very diverse. We are committed to designing instruction to ensure the inclusiveness of our classrooms. Teachers are architects of learning and plan to allow for multiple means of expression and representation of student learning.

Check out RVS Learning Stories on our YouTube channel for a closer look at the teaching and learning in our schools!

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