Superintendent of Schools – The following is a message I shared with RVS staff celebrating their amazing work and the end of another school year.

This week marks the end of another school year. If you are like me, some days may have gone slowly but blink and we made it through another week. I still speak like July is some faraway place but I just recently clued in that July is next week. Terms, semesters and holidays broke the year into chunks and we now have another school year under our belt. With nearly 2,500 employees on the RVS team, it is challenging to make broad, sweeping statements about the year. For most, it was a successful year. Hopefully you found the hard work rewarding. Hopefully you saw your efforts make a difference for kids, families, schools and/or communities. For some it was a challenging year for a variety of reasons. Hopefully you are able to put those challenges in your rear-view mirror and move forward. No matter how you might describe the 16/17 school year, thank you for your commitment and service.

When we work together we are able to amplify the efforts of individuals and make a positive difference. We have team members who were new on the team (myself included) as well as others who are winding up their final year with RVS. Each person makes a different contribution but collectively we do amazing work. In visiting every site, I get to see your work in action. Some of that work is front and centre while many of us work in support roles. We all make a difference.

While some of us have a good portion of the summer off, others will have a very busy July and August. The work of RVS may shift a bit over the summer but things still need to get accomplished and that is where our staff shine. For me, there are less meetings and I take that opportunity to tackle some larger projects. For others, it is time to prepare for the annual audit, time to upgrade servers, time to do additional cleaning, time for summer school, time to do that smaller renovation, time for the flooring to be replaced, time to refine the work plan for next year, time to get all the equipment here for our new schools, and/or time to cut the grass again. Hopefully everyone will get some time over the summer to take a break, enjoy some decent weather and do what you choose with family and friends.

To those people retiring this summer, thank you for all your service to the students, families and communities of RVS. Your contribution has not gone unnoticed. Hopefully you can join us this fall at our annual celebration. To those who are leaving RVS for other opportunities or hoping to rejoin RVS later, thank you for your service and all the very best. For the majority, we will see you again in the fall and thank you for all that you do for the organization. Rocky View Schools is nothing without the people that make up this great team.

On a personal note, thank you everyone for being so warm and welcoming to the new guy this year. You reaffirmed to me just what a great place RVS is and that is due to the staff.

Take care, travel safely and have some fun. Time to focus on a different set of 3 R’s – relax, recharge, reconnect.


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