Superintendent of Schools – Last week I attended the Alberta School Boards Association Fall General Meeting. I am not a trustee so my role at these types of events is to support our trustees with information, try and answer questions they might have about how the issue under consideration might impact our schools, and provide chocolate during the long day of discussion and debate.

The event was broken into one day where trustees from across the province discuss policy matters and the second day was more focused on professional learning for trustees and senior staff. Additionally, the event included opportunities to hear from our Minister of Education and the Deputy Minister of Education. There also was an opportunity for trustees to chat and advocate with MLAs at a social event.

Boards put forth motions that they believe should be the official policy of the Alberta School Boards Association. Often motions direct the ASBA to urge/demand/request government to do this or that, or a motion could direct the ASBA to focus their advocacy efforts to try and address an issue. Most of the motions are provided to Boards to consider prior to the event, but emergent items can be considered at the event. Someone from the moving Board speaks to the proposed motion, then the debate and/or questions for clarifications occur. This is a room full of trustees who are quite savvy and know many procedural maneuvers provided under their bylaws and Robert’s Rules. Amendments come from the floor followed by amendments to the amendments. When things get sticky the parliamentarian is asked questions to ensure procedural fairness. Sometimes the debate is heated and often there is strong consensus around the floor. After the debate is completed then one person from each Board has the responsibility to vote (using electronic feedback gathering devices) on behalf of the entire Board. Within a few minutes the assembly sees the results of the vote.

So, what type of things do trustees from diverse areas across the province talk about? At this meeting motions included topics such as: supports to implement recommendations in the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada: Call to Action; desire for adequate funding to support Arts programming in schools; that Boards do not have to belong to ASBA for continued participation in group benefits through ASEBP; that computer coding be integrated into the curriculum; that all Alberta students be provided access to an environmental education; increased bandwidth for schools; introduce a curriculum on Mental Health and Emotional Well-being for all students; design and implement a Pre-K to Grade 12 age-appropriate sexual abuse prevention curriculum; implementation of the recommendations in the “Report of the Alberta Mental Health Committee 2015.”; and kindergarten hours of delivery match kindergarten funding allocations.

What I witnessed at the event were passionate trustees trying to make our education system better for the kids in our communities.


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