How to Select Quality Apps For Your Students – Part 3

Yes, there are even more things to consider when selecting quality apps for your students. This posting is part three of this very important topic.

Similarly, provide apps for the students that allow them to learn and demonstrate their learning through different modalities and even better, multiple modalities. The feedback from my students is that they like the math games that give instant auditory and visual feedback to keep them motivated and challenged to work for the higher level.

I am a firm believer in allowing students to demonstrate their understanding through both text and with visuals like diagrams, graphic organizers, sketches and student drawn pictures. The students’ iPads have a folder of Art Apps that they can go into to create their visuals and import them into whatever productivity app they are using. I love the intuitiveness of the iPad with its capacity for my students to be able to flow from one app to the other. These are the apps in the Art Folder:

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