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Drawing on the Strengths of Alumni

Posted by admin April - 29 - 2014 1 Comment

Guest Blog: Stephanie Bennett, Cochrane High Teacher – Volunteers have always been at the head of the line in helping our educational institutions succeed. In an era where education faces constrained resources, public scrutiny, global competition, and digital communities, volunteers are more critical than ever. Although this concept of taking a village to raise a child is not new, perhaps what is new is the underutilization of alumni as a  [ Read More ]

Mount Assiniboine Expedition

Posted by admin April - 16 - 2014 0 Comment

Guest Blog: BVHS Student – The Mount Assiniboine ski expedition marked the end of an era for the intrepid explorers of the Bow Valley Grade 12 Outdoor Leadership class. This five day expedition to the slopes of Mount Assiniboine and back was the culmination of four years of hard work, and the ideal way to wrap up our time in the Outdoor Leadership program. During our trip we enjoyed ideal  [ Read More ]

Taking Learning to New Heights!

Posted by admin April - 15 - 2014 0 Comment

Guest Blog: Tara Sly, RVS Teacher – The BVHS Outdoor Leadership (ODL) 30 backcountry ski tour to Mount Assiniboine from Mar. 27 to Apr. 1, 2014, was a tremendous success! It is the last ODL field trip these grade 12 students will take in their high school years, and it was amazing! The group enjoyed 40 centimetres of fresh snow on top of the 220 centimetres, as they set out to  [ Read More ]

Guest Blog – GMHS Student Erin Stadnyk, Chair of Communications, Ride of the Mustang – The phrase “kids these days” is a complaint that frequents conversations around the world. But what do people really know of the children they criticize? No one knows what the future generation will accomplish; however, it appears that most people do not have a lot of faith in the generation of tomorrow. However, the children  [ Read More ]

Are Leaders Born or Taught?

Posted by admin April - 8 - 2014 0 Comment

Guest Blog: Ward 3 Trustees Todd Brand and Sylvia Eggerer – In leadership circles, one frequent topic of conversation is whether leaders are born or taught. It’s safe to assume most people’s answer would fall somewhere along the spectrum rather than at either extreme. Certainly our personality characteristics, our DNA hard wiring, has an influence on the type of person we become. Even at a young age we see some  [ Read More ]

Guest Blog: Keiran & Sable, Gr. 4 Students – Rick Mercer came to our school because our school won the Spread the Net Challenge. Spread the Net is a fundraiser that some of the schools in Canada participated in to help raise money to get special nets. The special nets go to Africa so that when people that live there go to sleep the mosquitoes don’t bite them. The mosquitos bring a  [ Read More ]

Spreading the Word to “Spread the Net”

Posted by admin April - 1 - 2014 1 Comment

Guest Blog: Judi Poole & Lindsay Leptich, RVS Teachers – Each year, École Elbow Valley Elementary (EEVE) chooses to support both a local and a global charity. This year, the Plan Canada Spread the Net initiative helped us define how EEVE was to be globally aware, highlighting one of the RVS 21st century competencies. The fundraiser called ‘Budding Artists’ kicked off our initiative and became the catalyst towards building our “charity  [ Read More ]

W.H. Croxford – High School Redesign

Posted by admin March - 28 - 2014 1 Comment

Guest Blog: Todd Kiernan, Principal, W.H. Croxford School – Perhaps the most exciting aspect of opening a new high school is the opportunity available to us through Alberta Education’s Inspiring Education document. Add to this participation in the ministry’s High School Redesign project, it becomes clear – learners in the new high school will have the ability to help shape what schools will look like in the future. For over two years,  [ Read More ]

Guest Blog: Val Murdoff, Principal, East Lake School – What an exciting time for planning a new school! What does it involve? Is it similar to redesigning a current school?  I think yes. Early on, one must develop a philosophical, pedagogical framework to guide all work in a school. What does this mean? Clear plans include a foundation for relationship building, a way to identify and enhance the qualities and  [ Read More ]

Guest Blog: Jim Forrest, Principal, C.W. Perry School – As I reflect on the initial steps that have been taken to open C.W. Perry, it is impossible not to be struck by the breadth and scope of the endeavor. On one hand we have the vision; on the other, the pragmatics of it all. Much of the vision’s form and content in Rocky View is already remarkably well defined. RVS  [ Read More ]