Creating a Safe & Caring School Culture

“Building a safe, caring and inclusive school culture means teaching it minute by minute, day by day, integrating it into discipline practices and curriculum, using instructional models that provide practice in social and relationship skills and, most importantly,... read more

It’s All About Me!

I generally enjoy writing and this will be my fifth entry to the RVS blog site over the past years. I was flattered to have been asked to contribute two entries to this series on Rocky View Schools’ new four year plan, as part of its planning process. I was even given... read more

Making Learning ‘Stick’!

When thinking about student learning, most of us would not dispute that the goal is to find out what learners know and what can they do. When I dig deeper and really think about it, this list might be incomplete. Human beings are complex. We are all different;... read more

Using New Technology…

Is using new technology like learning a second language? The other day I overheard a conversation between a grandmother and her granddaughter. The young girl was asking the grandmother to text her mother to ask about buying something that was pricy. The woman replied... read more

Flexible Pathways to Success!

Rocky View Schools (RVS) was fortunate to be selected to participate in an Alberta Education initiated research project and Community of Practice called Flexible Pathways to Success: Technology to Design for Diversity. Five school jurisdictions are involved: Fort... read more

Student-Centered Business Operations

This past October I celebrated my 25th year with Rocky View Schools! While attending the 33rd Annual Retirement and Long Service Awards Banquet, Oct. 17, 2014, I looked back on my career with the jurisdiction and concluded, “We’ve done it! I can proudly confirm that... read more
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