RVS High School Redesign

Alberta Education has had an initiative for the last few years called High School Redesign. It is an initiative aligned with Inspiring Education and designed to make a mindshift in the way high schools operate. Specifically, it is trying to increase engagement, improved student achievement and to enhance teacher practice. This is done by exploring flexible learning environments and shifting instructional practice to enable more student-centric learning. Continue reading

Where in the World are we Going With Digital Resources?

One incredible challenge in being a leader of 21st Century leaning is how to approach the use of digital resources in classrooms. I believe that Alberta Education and many school jurisdictions are also struggling with this issue as well. Do we purchase and license resources? Do we try to collect suitable resources for teachers into repositories? Are online textbooks the answer? How do we manage the volume of resources available? These are just a few thoughts that I have in relation to this incredible challenge that is ahead of us.

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Flipped Classrooms – The Future of Education?

The concept of Flipped or Inverted classrooms has been around for a number of years. Some universities have provided instruction in this format since 1996. With improvements in technology we have seen a resurgence of this idea starting in about 2004. It is a relatively new ideology that has a variety of methods to implement it into today’s classrooms. It relies on digital technologies to develop a blended instructional environment enabling students to access quality instructional resources 24/7.

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RVS Framework for Student Learning

Alberta Education has recently confirmed their Framework for Student Learning Document and graphic model have been approved by the Minister of Education. The document and the model are a framework for implementation of the new vision of education that emerged through the Inspiring Education and Setting the Direction initiatives. Continue reading

SWC’s Complete Amazing Work for RVS!

Rocky View Schools has a number of Superintendent Working Committees (SWC) that come together to work on important initiatives that emerge from our Three Year Plan (3YP). I have the pleasure of representing the Education Centre of three of these committees.

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Rocky View Schools as a Change Agent!

Alberta Education has spent a great deal of time and effort to engage the greater community in seeking feedback on how to change Alberta’s Education system. In 2008 they began one initiative, to examine the current delivery and supports for special education students within the province. They travelled the province asking stakeholders what was working with the current system and how we could make that system better. This initiatives led into the development of Action on Inclusion, which was one of the action agendas that was then rolled out through Inspiring Education – Inspiring Action. http://education.alberta.ca/department/ipr.aspx

As part of the Action on Inclusion initiative Alberta Education made a call for school jurisdictions to assist with the change through participating by becoming a Change Agent for Action on Inclusion. Continue reading

Rocky View Schools (RVS) Leadership in the 21st Century

The question of how to lead in a 21st century learning environment is a critical one to moving jurisdictions forward with this concept. One strategy that Rocky View Schools (RVS) has used to inform our leadership team is to organize professional learning opportunities at our Leadership Team meetings. This year we have introduced a forty – five minute learning opportunity around emerging technologies. Continue reading

RVS ‘s Classrooms have changed!

Guest Author, Dave Morris – Rocky View Schools in 2007 took part in a large consultation process to assist in the development of their three-year plan. At this time Rocky View Schools (RVS) overhauled their Vision, Mission, Motto and belief statements along with a re – branding. Additionally, this saw the development of a new logo and new mascot for the school jurisdiction.

The stakeholders groups were asked about current educational practice and challenged to determine what students needed for their learning for 2007 until 2011 and beyond. What we found was that students wanted education to be relevant and to engage them. Furthermore, the students needed to think critically, be self – directed learners and be contributors to the global community.

In response RVS developed its Portrait of a 21st Century Learner. This identifies the attributes students need to be successful in the future.

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Rocky View Schools have engaging classrooms!

Guest Author, Dave Morris – Rocky View Schools (RVS) has been focused on this question since the inception of our first three – year plan. To answer this question we must first ask who are our learners and what will they need to be successful in their future? Next year half of the students in RVS will have been born in the 21stcentury.  These students are digitally aware, media savvy and will live in a global information rich world. In essence, we are working with students who are true 21st Century learners. Continue reading