Rocky View Schools (RVS) Leadership in the 21st Century

The question of how to lead in a 21st century learning environment is a critical one to moving jurisdictions forward with this concept. One strategy that Rocky View Schools (RVS) has used to inform our leadership team is to organize professional learning opportunities at our Leadership Team meetings. This year we have introduced a forty – five minute learning opportunity around emerging technologies.

This is an opportunity for school administrators to learn about and play with the emerging technologies of the day. RVS 21st Century Learning coaches and staff organize a variety of topics for administrators to choose from and learn about in more depth. These sessions are self – select and participants can choose a topic of interest and at their level of knowledge. Potential topics include, Google Apps, Moodle, Mahara portfolios, Wikis, and a variety of others.

These sessions are a great way for the jurisdiction to assist school administration in staying current with the rapid pace of the development of emerging technologies. At a presentation earlier this month at the Jurisdictional Technologies Contacts conference one speaker indicated that the technologies that we use, at the software level, are changing every one to three years.

RVS is very fortunate to have a strong group of committed leaders guiding their schools in 21st century learning.


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