The Power to Enrich

Rocky View Schools

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Guest Author: Manny Ferreirinha, Director of Organizational Learning – Welcome to Cycle 5 of the Alberta Initiative for School Improvement (AISI)! Rocky View Schools (RVS) is delighted to be involved in the current round of AISI that, in past years, has been an Alberta success and without parallel in the world. We are very excited that Cycle 5 promises to bring together Alberta Education’s transformational agenda with RVS’ Three Year Plan, “The Power to Enrich” and School Education Plans across the jurisdiction.

With the educational landscape changing around us, so too has AISI responded and evolved for this new cycle. Over the next three years, Cycle 5 will build upon the incredible work accomplished in the first four cycles and will create a powerful synergy among all educational stakeholders. As defined by the province, AISI Cycle 5 is to focus on research capacity, collaboration, community engagement, learning and achievement.

RVS’ Cycle 5 will embrace a collaborative action research model that values ‘teachers as a reflective researchers’, working together as ‘critical friends’ in powerful dialogue to examine pedagogical practice leading to deep reflection and inquiry. With inspiration and wisdom coming from within, teachers and the community as a whole will engage in systemic inquiry that will continue to create a culture of research, open innovation, and learning.

Contributing to our transformative work will be the central research question, “To what extent are engagement and learning impacted by implementing elements of Universal Learning Environments?” Over the next three years, schools will be immersed in a number of self-determined areas aligned with this central guiding research question, focusing on four areas of research and learning:

1. Instructional Design for Learning

2. Mindful Integration of Educational Technologies for Learning

3. Stewardship for Learning

4. Inclusion for Learning

This will involve a high level of professional learning and a collaborative research design to explore, inspire, connect creative minds, share, and create environments based on extraordinary engagement and learning.  With teachers engaged in the co-creation of new knowledge, Cycle 5 promises to act as a further catalyst in our shared vision.

Through collaborative action inspired by learning, we are ready to inspire a love of learning and community, engaging learners for life!