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Rocky View Schools

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Guest Author- Lauren Curry – A motley group of 30 teens, some wired, some waning, have just strolled back into the classroom from a hall break. The break has not been nearly long enough to exchange news of the latest drama that has unfolded that day. A chatter accompanies them as they enter. I transition into class-time by simply hitting play on my computer screen: a public service announcement from  [ Read More ]

Guest Author – Andrew Doyle Recently I was asked by a colleague to describe the 21st century learner in one,catch all word. I would like to say that my answer was ground breaking, thesis worthy and inspiring, but sadly it was not. After hearing some of the responses from other teachers (not all positive of course) it made me wonder if the learners are all that different or is it  [ Read More ]

Balanced and Comprehensive Student Data

Posted by Angela Spanier March - 30 - 2011 0 Comment

Guest author, John Burger – What would a comprehensive and balanced student database look like at school, school system and provincial levels, and how should data be organized to maximize its usefulness?  In my second blog I observed that data is scary for many individuals given the anxiety produced when data is used to blame or shame those accountable for the desired results.  So, in this third blog, I want  [ Read More ]

What Did You Learn Today?

Posted by admin March - 29 - 2011 0 Comment

Guest author: Jacqueline Warrell – What did you learn today?  Most people have likely heard the saying that you learn something new everyday. But have you ever stopped to think about it. Have you ever asked yourself, ‘What did I learn today?’ As adults, parents, community members, and educators we spend much time talking about how best to engage our children and students in meaningful learning experiences, but we can  [ Read More ]

Globalization, Robotics, Authenticity oh my!

Posted by Angela Spanier March - 28 - 2011 0 Comment

Guest author, Josh Hill – When I started this blog one poignant commenter called for exemplars that would illustrate what authentic instruction actually looks like in the classroom….and what would a blog about  “real world” learning be without some real world projects. The video below showcases a robotics inquiry project embarked upon by grade 8 students at Langdon School. The striking part about this project for me is the work  [ Read More ]

International Mindedness In Action

Posted by admin March - 28 - 2011 0 Comment

Guest Author, Jen Friske – Rocky View Schools Portrait of of a 21st Century Leaner states, “To succeed in in our global community, I will need to be globally aware and civically engaged.” Of course, these are only 2 of the 10 tenets set out by RVS in their vision for our students’ future. However, these are the 2 that have stood out for me in my grade three classroom  [ Read More ]

How Do Parents Engage In Inquiry?

Posted by admin March - 27 - 2011 0 Comment

Guest Author, Keith Hadden- Having grown up in the city, I fondly look back on summers as a young kid.  It was a time to get out of the city and visit one of my uncle’s farms.  It was a pretty foreign environment for a city slicker kid.  I remember engaging in action research, a type of ‘inquiry by ordeal’, when I drove the tractor by the rectangular beehives suffering  [ Read More ]

Digital Citizenship – A Matter of Trust or Safety

Posted by Angela Spanier March - 25 - 2011 0 Comment

Guest Author, Don Thomas – The Board of RVS has already passed the first reading of a policy titled Digital Citizenship.  It has been distributed to School Councils for their input.  This particular issue is one fraught with all the recent stories of abuse, child abduction, and pedophiles.  Yet no one will deny the exponential growth of Facebook and other social media sites. For a typical set of parents, the  [ Read More ]

My Teacher is On the Television

Posted by Angela Spanier March - 21 - 2011 0 Comment

Guest Author, Dan New ~ Calculus students at W.G. Murdoch High School in Crossfield, come to school every Monday, just as any other student. They wander in from the parking lot, place their belongings into their lockers, and grab their calculus materials. When they cross the threshold of their Calculus class, however, what  they are greeted with is far from what one might define as a “regular” classroom in today’s  [ Read More ]

It Is About the Learning, Not The Gadgets

Posted by Angela Spanier March - 21 - 2011 0 Comment

Guest author, Leslie Collings – Recently, a delegation of SCHS staff members went to San Diego to experience High Tech High firsthand.  If you have ever browsed Edutopia, you will most certainly certainly have encountered this amazing school.  Because SCHS is a one-to-one school, our delegation was interested in how High Tech High integrated technology in a project-based environment.  Perhaps the most important lesson from the trip was that High  [ Read More ]