Research & Innovation

Research & Innovation

Research into what is effective in education, and then being able to use the innovative techniques that come out of research is essential if we wish to maximize student success. Educators need easy and reliable access to the latest innovative evidence-based techniques and strategies if we are to carry out our mandate to help students become successful adults.

As educators we have a history of latching on to the next fad, despite little or no evidence of impact. Examples of such fads include learning Styles, Brain gym, and irlen lenses.

The What Works Clearinghouse is an excellent source of accessible, curated educational research ready to be acted upon.

John Hattie’s work in measuring the effect sizes of various educational techniques is another great place to find the most impactful pedagogical techniques.

To ensure that educators are able to use research-based, innovative techniques to maximize student success, Ben Goldacre recommends that:

  • Research on what works best should be a routine part of life in education

  • Teachers should be empowered to participate in research

  • Myths about randomised trials in education should be addressed, removing barriers to research

  • The results of research should be disseminated more efficiently

  • Resources on research should be available to teachers, enabling them to be critical and thoughtful consumers of evidence

  • Barriers between teachers and researchers should be removed

  • Teachers should be driving the research agenda by identifying questions that need to be answered

Research is a primary outcome for Rocky View Schools and a practice we take seriously for the betterment of learning in our system.

~ Chris Pawluk, Rocky View Schools Lead Psychologist

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